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Casa Munras Garden Hotel & Spa, Monterey Green Hotel

Green Hospitality

Casa Munras Garden Hotel & Spa is an eco-friendly hotel committed to the health of our world, community, and guests. We are a certified green hotel, from our recycling programs to energy efficient lighting to sustainable seafood in our restaurant. Enjoy genuine hospitality while helping us protect our planet and reduce our footprint.
  • Recycling

    We have recycling containers throughout the hotel and property - offices, meeting rooms, public spaces, guestrooms, everywhere!
  • Safe Chemical Handling

    Our chemical storage and mixing areas are secure and provide adequate drainage and ventilation, to help maintain indoor air quality.
  • Paper Waste Reduction Program

    We reduce waste and reuse materials when possible. As an example, copiers and printers are set to duplex printing, and single-sided pages are reused for scratch pads and draft printing.
  • Bulk Purchasing

    We purchase items in bulk whenever possible. This reduces packaging and decreases carbon emissions related to shipping and transportation.
  • Amenity Donations

    We donate rather than discard. Usable leftover guest amenities are donated to local shelters.
  • Integrated Pest Management

    We've implemented an Integrated Pest Management program, which is an environmentally sensitive approach to controlling pests that reduces risk of harm to humans and natural habitats.
  • Minimized Use of Disposable Items

    We have reduced the use of disposable food service items. Disposable items are provided only for "to-go" requests, and employees must use re-usable cups and utensils.
  • Energy Efficient Equipment

    We are committed to purchasing the most energy efficient equipment possible (Energy Star rated).
  • Energy Efficient Lighting

    We've installed energy efficient lighting. CFLs use 65%-75% less energy than incandescent bulbs, and last up to 10 times longer.
  • Preventive Maintenance

    We follow preventive maintenance schedules to monitor and track efficiency of HVAC and operating equipment. Timely calibration and adjustments save energy and money.
  • Low-Flow Plumbing

    We've installed water conserving plumbing fixtures, which use 30% less water than traditional fixtures.
  • Water-Conserving Landscaping

    Plants are drought resistant, with watering procedures focused on conservation. Watering takes place only in the mornings or evenings, to reduce evaporation.
  • Towel & Linen Reuse Program

    We encourage guests to join in our towel & linen reuse program, which saves water, chemical usage and energy.
  • Water Efficient Equipment Practices

    We train employees on the efficient use of laundry and dish cleaning machines, to save water and energy.
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

    We use environmentally friendly cleaning services and products (non-phosphate, nontoxic, and biodegradable, concentrated).
  • Low VOC Products

    We use products that have a low VOC content (volatile organic compounds), which helps maintain indoor air quality and preserve employee and guest health and well-being.
  • Environmental Purchasing Policy

    We train employees to follow an Environmental Purchasing Policy, which ensures products are the greenest choices.
  • Recycled Paper Products

    We use paper products that contain post-consumer recycled content, both writing and consumable paper.
  • Durable Goods

    We select furnishings and equipment that are durable for refinishing, reupholstering, refurbishing, or recycling.
  • Preferred Vendors

    We give preference to environmentally conscious vendors who reduce, reuse, and take back packaging.